UnitedHealth Group + The Big Know

Discover how The Big Know is making consumer-friendly educational content a strength across UnitedHealth Group.


Optum - Digital Wellness Coaching

For scaling human services and reach.

In Optum’s wellness coaching business, telephonic support needed to scale engagement. By integrating digital courses with The Big Know, members can now reach their wellness goals on-demand. The results: 4X engagement with significant cost efficiencies.

UnitedHealthcare - Member Learning

For when deeper education matters.

In this groundbreaking series, The Big Know and UnitedHealthcare teamed up to transform member education. From self-care to sleep, preventing chronic disease to living well with diabetes, every day real members develop action plans to take charge of their health.

UnitedHealth Group - NPS Foundations

For leading organizational change.

UnitedHealth Group and The Big Know launched NPS Foundations to build an organizational strength around customer-centric best practices, processes, technologies and measurements to improve customer experiences.

Optum Bank Academy

For creating smarter healthcare consumers.

In this learning series, Optum Bank and The Big Know teach employees HSA basics and health literacy to empower smarter health decisions, including funding and managing their HSAs.


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Explore ready-made and licensable courses from our ever-growing Being series.

Making Change Stick

Discover strategies for sustaining any healthy behavior.

For Emergencies Only

Make the informed choice next time to find the right care.

Resiliency: Stress & Your Body

Jenny Evans inspires anyone to raise their threshold for stress.