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Want to impact resiliency at scale? Jenny Evans and Being are here to inspire your organization. On demand.


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Forget stress reduction. In this 4-part digital course series offered through Being, Jenny Evans will teach your people how to raise their threshold for stress. In doing so, they will build actionable skills to maximize energy, performance and productivity.


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Scalable, Engaging & Flexible


Package In-Person with Online

For maximum impact, package a live Jenny Evans speaking event with digital courses as a follow-up for teams, departments or your entire organization. 


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Your people have never seen training like this. Being's modern, award-winning digital course experience will keep your people engaged and wanting more.

Pricing to Meet Your Needs

Whether or not it's feasible to hire Jenny to speak in person, Being's flexible pricing lets you promote digital courses to all and pay by seats that get used.

I recommend Jenny to any organization that wants to boost the performance, health and fitness of every individual on their team.
— Heidi Guest, VP Education, clinique

Lift Performance with Jenny Evans

Ready to lift energy, engagement and productivity? The Being team is ready to help bring Jenny to your people.