Inspire Wellbeing Every Day

We believe wellbeing is a set of teachable skills. Most of us never learned these skills. And modern employee education is the key to lifting health literacy and outcomes.


Employee Education for The Netflix Age

Inspire wellbeing 10 minutes at a time. Beautiful, fun and intuitive courses.


Trusted Experts. Binge-worthy Courses.

Being is an ever-growing series where credible experts (who are fantastic on camera) teach the skills of body, mind, finances and family.


Financial Wellbeing + Chris Farrell

From debt to savings, Marketplace's Chris Farrell teaches your people how to take control of their finances.


Resiliency + Jenny Evans

Award-winning author and speaker Jenny Evans will show your people how to raise their threshold for stress.

How Organizations Use Being

Content employees love. Solutions you can scale.

Brokers & Consultants

License Being. We help you brand it, sell and onboard clients in your very own health literacy solution.

Product Leaders

Integrate Being into your experience for content that measurably lifts reach and engagement.

Health Plans

Use Being to deliver consumer-friendly content that helps you close health literacy gaps.

Ready. Set. Know.

From frictionless pilots to custom solutions tailored to your strategy, we’re ready to make content your new advantage.


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